Light Rail

Light rail is one of the most efficient methods of relieving congestion, moving people, and reducing our collective carbon footprint. Unfortunately, it is also a significant infrastructure lift. Under current plans, light rail to West Seattle won’t be complete until 2031, the Graham Street Station infil won’t be open until 2032, and stations in Ballard aren’t slated for completion until 2036.  

I’m committed to getting it done faster - just like I did when we partnered with Sound Transit to expedite planning for the Ballard line during my first administration — and I have real ideas for how we can do it:

  • Don’t wait to plan - do it now, even if it requires a financial contribution from the city. Light rail went to the ballot in 2016 because Seattle helped with planning, we can do it again.

  • Decide on alignment and grant permits without unneeded delay.  We know how projects can bog down in process, Seattle can choose a different path.

  • Partner with financing. The reason current plans take so long is that Sound Transit does not have the money it needs until then. Seattle can look at using its bonding authority to help bridge the financing gap.

More details here.