Seattle is going to keep growing—we’re adding an estimated 500 new residents each week—which means we’re going to need more housing. And if we don’t want to repeat the mistakes of cities like San Francisco, we’ll need to shift the conversation.

As Mayor, I would launch inclusive neighborhood planning to build the housing we need and fund local priorities. The future of our neighborhoods must be determined by the people who live there - renters, homeowners, and small business people. It can’t just be dictated by City Hall and big developers.

I’d work with neighborhoods on a strategy to allow more diverse housing types, including “missing middle” housing (backyard cottages, mother-in-law units, duplexes, and triplexes), congregate housing, subsidized housing for teachers and service workers, and senior housing.

We should also significantly expand public housing, financed by an income tax on the wealthy or new revenue streams from large successful corporations. If we keep relying on regressive tax sources, we’ll keep pushing people out of Seattle.