Climate Change is a humanitarian crisis. And it’s gotten to this point not because we don’t know what to do to address the challenge, but because our elected leaders have fallen short of taking action. It’s time that we stop listening to what politicians tell us is possible and start doing what is necessary. As a former chair of the Washington State chapter of the Sierra Club, I know first hand how to work with people to advocate for and implement concrete policies that can make difference in the fight against climate change.

Beyond the different proposals I’ve included in my transportation platform, Our city government should align our spending with our values. We can do that by divesting millions of dollars of city and pension funds from fossil fuel companies that profit by making climate change worse. We started this process when I was in office, but it has stalled out under the current administration. Other cities, pension funds, universities (like the University of Washington) and major philanthropic organizations are now way ahead of Seattle in divesting from fossil fuels.

We need to continue our work to stop coal and oil trains.  As Mayor I led a coalition of cities, tribes and other local governments to stop coal export facilities in Whatcom county.  There are more bad fossil fuel export proposals out there. You can be sure I will make it a priority to protect our atmosphere, and protect our inland waterways from oil tankers.  

I am committed to making the tough choices on climate change so that we don’t have to explain to our grandkids why we knew global warming was going to be a nightmare but that politics just made it too hard to do anything about.